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Organizational Chart and Professional Structure of employees

Here you can find Institution's Regional Offices Organizational Chart, detailed Institution's Employees Organizational Chart and Professional Structure of Employees.

Documents are in PDF file format.

  • Institution's Offices Organizational Chart
  • Institution's Employees Organizational Chart
  • Institution Employees with university degree or higher professional education
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    Ombudsman Nives Jukić at the meeting of the Steering Board of the project: "Strengthening the Ombudsman institution's capacity to fight discrimination"

    Ombudsman prof.dr. Ljubinko Mitrović at the International Law Advisory Meeting "October Law Days"

    Ombudsman prof.dr. Ljubinko Mitrović spoke with the head of the field office of the OSCE Mission in Banja Luka

    Chairperson of Ombudsman Institution Nives Jukić visited the Municipality of Čitluk

    Ombudsman prof.dr. Ljubinko Mitrović talked with the director of the Center for Education of Judges and Prosecutors of Republika Srpska Tomislav Čavić

    Ombudsmen dr. Jasminka Džumhur takes part in the GANHRI conference in Marrakech

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