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Regional Office Mostar

BiH Ombudsman Seminar in Mostar - Mostar OfficeRegional Office MostarBiH Ombudsman Seminar in Mostar - Mostar Office

Regional Offices receive and register citizen’s complaints alleging human rights and freedoms violations protected by the Ombudsmen who process these cases, receive the citizens who address them for provision of aid in protection of rights and freedoms, monitor the situation of human rights and freedoms, prepare report on situation of human rights and freedoms, duly inform the Ombudsmen on determined problems in exercise and protection of human rights and freedoms, observe functioning of legislative, executive and judicial powers significant for exercise of human rights and freedoms and cooperate with field offices of international organizations.

Postal Address:
Kneza Višeslava b.b.
88000 Mostar
Bosna i Hercegovina

Tel: +387 36 334 248
Fax: +387 36 334 249

Working hours for citizens appointments from 08.30am until 2.30pm.

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