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Cooperation with NGO

Analyzing the co-operation of the Ombudsman Institution with NGO sector and civil society it could be qualified as continuous, based on partner relations and implemented in a couple of main segments/thematic blocks that were in the focus of interest or these organizations. These are primarily protection from discrimination, the children’s rights, combating corruption, trafficking in human beings, violence against women and access to information.

When it comes to awareness raising on necessity of prohibition of all forms of violence, the Institution of the Ombudsman took a series of activities in order to inform the NGOs on its mandate as a central institution for the protection from discrimination and activities taken in this regard.

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We are protecting rights of natural persons and legal entities in accordance with the Constitution of BiH and international human rights instruments...
Ombudsmen of BiH

Ombudsman's Activities

Učešće na Naučnom kolokviju „Očima djeteta“

The Joint Commission on Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Special Report of the Ombudsmen

Ombudsmen Prof. Dr. Ljubinko Mitrović and Nives Jukić at the annual ENOC conference in Helsinki

Ombudsmeni dr. Jasminka Džumhur i dr. Ljubinko Mitrović učestvuju na konferenciji u Ljubljani

Ombudsmen dr. Ljubinko Mitrović u posjeti Zaštitniku građana Srbije

Meeting of Ombudsman Ljubinko Mitrović with Commissioner for Protection of Equality of The Republic of Serbia

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