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Who may address the institution and how?

The Institution of Human Rights Ombudsman of BiH may be addressed by each natural person or legal entity that has legitimate interests, regardless of citizenship, race, gender, religious affiliation or ethnic origin. Complaint filed with the Institution shall not cause any criminal, disciplinary or any other sanctions in disfavor of complainant.

Complaint is filed in writings, by mail, fax, e-mail or through personal contact. Complaint should contain brief description of events, facts or decisions that led to filing of complaint. Complaint must be signed by complainant or authorized proxy. Provision of copies of complaint supporting documentation together with the complaint is desirable, if such documentation exists.

The Institution may refuse to review anonymous complaints for which it considers that they are malicious, ill-founded, those in which there is not actual complaint, those that would make damage to third parties or those that are filed more than 12 months following event, facts or decision subject to complaint

Our Locations

Banja Luka
Seat of the Institution
Akademika Jovana Surutke br.13
78000 Banja Luka,Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel/Fax: +387 51 303 992

Regional Office 
Dubrovačka br.6
71000 Sarajevo,Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel: +387 33 666 006
Fax: +387 33 666 007

Regional Office
Kneza Višeslava b.b.
88000 Mostar,Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel:+387 36 334 248
Fax:+387 36 334 249

Regional Office
Trg mladih br.8/1
76100 Brčko,Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel/Fax: +387 49 217 347

Field Office
Gabrijela Jurkića bb
80100 Livno,Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel:+387 34 201 911
Fax:+387 34 203 237

Banja Luka





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