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Department for Elimination of all forms of Discrimination

Department for Elimination of all forms of Discrimination of the Institution of Ombudsman BiH receives complaints and ex officio initiates investigations in cases where violations and problems are found in realization of rights originating from European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, International Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, Convention on Elimination of all forms if Discrimination Against Women, Framework Convention for Protection of National Minorities and especially in cases of any form of discrimination based on race, skin color, gender, language, political or any other opinion, national or social origin, material status;

Department for Elimination of all forms of Discrimination:

  • Receives individual and group complaints related to discrimination;
  • Provides assistance to persons and groups of persons who lodged an appeal about discrimination while initiating a court proceeding;
  • Undertaking activities on analyzing individual complaints up to initiation of a court dispute;
  • With permission of clients, it carries out a procedure of conciliation with possibility to reach an agreement;
  • Collects and analyses statistical data with regards to cases of discrimination;
  • Submits annual and when needed extraordinary reports on phenomena of discrimination in housed of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly;
  • Warns the public on the discrimination phenomena;
  • Carries out investigation in the field of discrimination;
  • Gives opinions and recommendations to the BiH Council of Ministers and to the BiH parliamentary Assembly with an aim to prevent and combat discrimination, proposes corresponding legislative and other solutions;
  • Analyses and shows key samples of malfunctioning of the authority structures in adoption of decisions related to discrimination;
  • Removes obstacles for consistent application of international conventions ratified by BiH;
  • Dedication to global acting aimed at creation of legal circumstances for realization of rights prescribed in international agreements;
  • With special attention works on prevention of discrimination;
  • Cooperates with organizations of civil society that deal with protection of human rights and organizations that deal with protection of groups exposed to high risk of discrimination;
  • Supports activities of media-promoting principles of non-discrimination as declared in international conventions.

Head of Department/Assistant Ombudsman
Predrag Raosavljević

Expert Consultant
Hajrija Adžamija

Expert Consultant
Vanja Burić

Expert Consultant
Fatima Račić

Expert Associate
Mirjana Štulić

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