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Departments for financial, general, legal, normative, HR affairs and IT

Departments for financial, general, legal and normative affairs produce proposals of all normative acts of the BiH Ombudsman Institution; drafts individual acts related to rights, duties and responsibilities from labor relations of the Institution’s employees and other contracted third persons; keeps personal files of the staff; prepares proposal for budgets needed for the Institution’s work; composes reports and analyses of financial functioning of the Institution; follows realization of financial plans; drafts periodical and final reports; prepares and maintains bookkeeping documentation and registers in general ledger; performs internal audit of financial functioning; keeps file on donated funds, means given as a gift or contributed in any other way, composes cashiers reports, registers arriving and leaving staff into the pension and invalidity founds; provides supply of fixed assets, office and other materials necessary for work of the Institution according to provisions of the Law on Public Supply, maintenance , repair and servicing of fixed assets, cares about regular fulfillment of obligations from the rental contracts; payments of expenses for business trips and other compensations, archives documentation and performs other duties from its competence and upon requirement of the Ombudsman BiH.

IT deparment maintains IT infrastructure and manage all other IT aspects (maintenance of hardware/software, technical support for employees, backups etc.).

Financial Department:

Head of Financial Deparment
Elma Obhođaš

Head of Financial Section Banja Luka

Head of Logistics
Gordana Bijelić

General, Legal, Normative And Personnel Affairs Department

Head of the Department

Expert Advisor for General, Legal, Normative and Personnel Affairs Department
Angelina Kos

Expert Advisor for Registration
Azra Filipović

Data Base and Archive Expert Associate
Amina Kapetanović

Mail Reception and Forwarding Clerks
Bojan Pentek and Amela Đermanović

Receptionists/Security Guards
Miroslav Mudrinić and Josip Matošević

Administrative and Technical Support Officer
Lidija Mihajlović

Cleaning Ladies/Housekeepers
Emanuela Gajić

IT Department

Head of IT Department
Dragan Perić

IT Officer
Mirnes Kurić

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