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Ombudsman's Activities | 26.07.2021

Ombudsman Professor Ljubinko Mitrović on recognising and dealing with hate speech cases

Prof. dr. Ljubinko Mitrović, ombudsmanProf. dr. Ljubinko Mitrović, ombudsman

Chair Ombudsman of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Professor Ljubinko Mitrović, delivered a keynote address at an event dedicated to recognising and dealing with hate speech cases and held at the Republika Srpska National Assembly in Banja Luka.

The topics discussed included hate speech, freedom of expression, legal framework, protection mechanisms, and the role and position of civil servants.

The event was organised and held as part of the joint European Union/Council of Europe project entitled “Promotion of diversity and equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, aimed at comprehensively pointing to the unacceptability and harmfulness of hate speech and at explaining the existing mechanisms for prevention, victim protection and penalising perpetrators.

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