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Ombudsman's Activities | 26.07.2021

Ombudsman Professor Ljubinko Mitrović holds meeting concerning student internships in IHROBiH

Prof. dr. Ljubinko Mitrović, ombudsmanProf. dr. Ljubinko Mitrović, ombudsman

As per the agreement to have student internships served at IHROBiH HQ in Banja Luka, Chair Ombudsman of Bosnia and Herzegovina Professor Ljubinko Mitrović held a meeting today with Dajana Ilić, Public Relations Officer of Citizen Association Future (Budućnost) from Modriča.

In the meeting, they discussed serving student internships at IHROBiH HQ based on signing the Memorandum of Understanding as part of the Student Internship: A Fast Track to a Job project jointly implemented by CA Budućnost (Future) from Modriča and Association Pravda za sve (Justice for All) from Sarajevo with the financial support of the European Union.

The project is aimed at establishing and serving student internships at employers’ in order to enable young people to acquire during their university studies and the education process the practical knowledge and skills on demand and required in the labour market, and thus at contributing to better education of young people, safer recruitment and ultimately their stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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